We are delighted at your interest in joining the Magnolia Pearl Wholesale family.

Please Read All Information Below Before Applying. Thank You.

Magnolia Pearl represents the lifelong yearnings and leanings of Robin Brown, our company’s founder and foremost stargazer. Brown’s story is woven into each of Magnolia Pearl’s pieces, a luminous thread intended to inspire and encourage the creative flame in all. It is through not only our clothing collections but also a wider net of community that Magnolia Pearl aims to have such impact, and our Wholesale retailers play a generous role in that passionate intent.

Being a part of the Magnolia Pearl family is a relationship built upon content of heart & mutual support. We encourage bonds with our Wholesalers that extend beyond commerce to kinship, an alliance in a love army with strength in numbers. As a platform for supporting and celebrating expression, as well as addressing the pressing needs of people and planet, Magnolia Pearl aims to extend our message globally. We are currently in partnership with Wholesalers in 16 countries and counting, in venues ranging from quaint to cosmopolitan. We embrace conventional storefronts as well as creative retail concepts, aspiring to cooperation, expanded vision and positive impact no matter the size or shape of your particular establishment.

While Magnolia Pearl collections are released consistently year-round (as opposed to seasonally or biannually), each piece is limited-run and exclusive. All items are designed to complement past and future offerings, and all fabrics and materials employed are naturally-occuring and developed sustainably. Vintage and antique materials are incorporated where appropriate. Each piece is a rarity, carrying the signature of hand-crafting. 

Opposed to the notions of “fast fashion”, each MP garment is created from inception with the utmost of care, attention, and intention for all involved. In every facet of production, all who touch the garment are encouraged and supported in their own lives to thrive. This quality translates to an impressive global following of Magnolia Pearl collectors who regard their cherished pieces as wearable art.  

On behalf of Magnolia Pearl, we would like to thank you for your interest in joining our team of Wholesalers. We look forward to collaborating with you in this creative venture and seeing how Magnolia Pearl pieces are integrated into your own story. If you would like to apply for Wholesale status, we ask that you fully review our policies delineated below before clicking “Apply”. We also encourage you to contact a representative with any further questions. 

We are so delighted to meet you, and deeply treasure your enthusiasm for Magnolia Pearl!

Magnolia Pearl welcomes association with retailers capable of carrying the entire lifestyle collection, but openly encourages smaller retailers to apply. We have a variety of options available to fit your particular enterprise.

The nuts-and-bolts details of our Wholesale Client policy are listed below. While not fully exhaustive, we hope this list covers the basics of the business arrangement with clarity. In finalizing partnerships, we require a signed and initialed PDF to be sent to us via fax or scan/email. You will see a link to this PDF after you hit “Apply” below. 

- It is prohibited for Wholesalers to list Magnolia Pearl items in the following or any equivalent: Auctions, Etsy, Ebay, Yahoo, etc.

- It is prohibited for Wholesalers to offer a percentage off/discount of the actual retail price, including creative discounts of any type. 

- Any party outside of the agreed retailer is considered a “third party”, and third party involvement is prohibited. Allowing anyone other than the agreed retailer to handle or market our product in other stores, traveling shows or equivalent, without agreement from Magnolia Pearl, fails to comply with our policy. 

- Any artist or contemporary showcasing with the intent to sell designs inspired by, copying or mimicking Magnolia Pearl within the same retail venue is prohibited. 

- We require that a “retail venue” be of brick and mortar, or a tangible building of some type. In accordance, this retail venue is allowed to sell Magnolia Pearl on a store website. However, it is prohibited for exclusive, independent websites to sell our brand unless otherwise agreed upon.

- Failure to comply with the above will result in the termination of the agreement. 

Refund/Exchange Policy:Both Client and Magnolia Pearl have the right to terminate any Services Agreement for any reason, including the ending of services already underway. Any money paid to Magnolia Pearl in respect of the provision of an UNUSED PRODUCT, will be exchanged in the form of a Magnolia Pearl STORE CREDIT ONLY within TWO WEEKS of date of purchase. Exchanges or store credit will be granted upon approval via telephone with a Magnolia Pearl representative. All products being exchanged must be unworn and include original tags. No funds will be refunded under any circumstances.