Please Read All Information Below Before Applying. Thank You.

Magnolia Pearl is a sixteen-year-old creative art business and brainchild of Robin Brown. She calls it her, “labor of love.” With great attention to detail, the pieces are limited run and constant production, as opposed to seasonal or biannual. Retailers can carry and receive new additions on a monthly basis if desired. The fabrics and materials used are naturally occurring and developed globally, as well as vintage and antique. The clothes are individually crafted to meet any need or desire, whether it’s comfort, iconic styling, lifestyle, timeless, sexy, adaptive, free flowing and cohesive. The pieces are always current and work well with previous purchased pieces. Magnolia Pearl has an impressive, universal following of passionate art collectors that cherish their pieces. Each piece is a rarity, exuding the essence of unique and originality. The quality is exceptional, as each piece is individually handcrafted.

Magnolia Pearl welcomes and builds relationships with retailers based on a shared passion of love and creativity. It is viewed as not just a business partnership but also a friendship. In this instance, Magnolia Pearl finds the person and the person’s heart more important than the venue, or the contents and design of the building.

Magnolia Pearl welcomes association with passionate retailers that are financially capable of carrying the full lifestyle collection, but are open to retailers carrying less in the beginning. The scope of relations is wide-ranged and far-reaching. Magnolia Pearl is a global presence, welcoming quaint regions as well as urban all over the world, and are excited to expand even further.

Magnolia Pearl welcomes all types of venues, as well as conventional boutiques. As a creative art company, Magnolia pearl embraces the unique. As such, furniture and home décor, antique venues, fine art venues, vineyards, hotels, fine dining, bed and breakfasts, luxury flower shops, and so much more, are welcomed. The Magnolia Pearl vision is one of love and beauty, and it doesn’t matter where you are located in the world, the vision can be shared together. The opportunities are endless.

On behalf of Magnolia Pearl, we would like to thank you for retailing our special, limited production and one-of-a-kind collection. We look forward to sharing a creative venture with you. Included below is our policy. Failure to comply will result in the termination of our agreement. In finalizing partnerships, we require the initialed and signed PDF to be faxed or scanned to us (You will see a link for this after you hit apply below).

It is prohibited to participate in the following or any equivalent: Auctions, Etsy, Ebay, Yahoo.

It is prohibited to offer a percentage or discount off of the actual retail price, including creative discounts of any type and free shipping. Any party outside of the agreed retailer is considered a third party, and third party involvement is prohibited. Allowing anyone other than the agreed retailer to handle or market our product in other stores, traveling shows, or anything equivalent, without the Magnolia Pearl agreement, fails to comply with our policy. Any artist or fellow contemporary showcasing similar designs with the intent to sell that is inspired by, copies or mimics Magnolia Pearl within the same retail venue is prohibited. We require that a retail venue be of brick and mortar, or a tangible building of some type. In accordance, this retail venue is allowed to sell Magnolia Pearl on a store website. However, it is prohibited for exclusive, independent websites to sell our brand unless otherwise agreed upon.

Refund/Exchange Policy PolicyBoth the Client and ourselves have the right to terminate any Services Agreement for any reason, including the ending of services that are already underway. Any money that has been paid to us which constitutes payment in respect of the provision of an UNUSED PRODUCT, will be exchanged in the form of a Magnolia Pearl store credit only within two weeks of date of purchase. Exchanges or store credit will be granted Upon Approval via telephone with a Magnolia Pearl representative. All products that are being exchanged must be unworn and must include original tags. No funds will be refunded under any circumstances.

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