“Robin has mastered the art of storytelling through clothing - using garments and accessories as an artist would use paint and canvas.
Through Magnolia Pearl’s designs, she respects the would-be forgotten fragments, giving them new life and meaning.”

- Johnny Depp, Actor and Artist

“I love this sad n’ happy book, and all the glitter that it took. . .Robin is my Vivienne Westwood, my Alexander McQueen.”

- Betsey Johnson, Fashion Designer & Author

“Glitter Saints is a powerful and tear-jerking memoir of perseverance and resilience no matter what obstacles life may throw our way.
Pearls are formed by saltwater or freshwater.” ...Read More

- Valerie June, Grammy-Nominated Artist and Songwriter

“The voice in all Robin Brown touches is most remarkably authentic. A voice of a kind of sharing that the world needs.
Like her clothes, her story truly comes from a deep love, an aching pain we all have of being human.” ...Read More

- Sherilyn Fenn, Actress (Twin Peaks, Of Mice and Men)

“I felt like I was reading mythology, with Robin as our hero, finding her way through fire after fire,
sifting through ashes for clues to great mysteries and then taking these things, turning them upside downruins.”

...Read More

- From the Foreword by Patty Griffin, Grammy-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

“Much like the ancient Japanese art of katsugi, which turns broken objects into something much more exquisite by
transforming breaks and imperfections to gold, Robin Brown wrests stardust and magic from her tumultuous life's journey.” ...Read More

- Daryl Hannah, Actress and Activist

Listen to the book
narrated by Actress Isabel May

Portions from the sales of Glitter Saints
go to charity via the Magnolia Pearl Peace Warrior Foundation

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