Magnolia Pearl’s stylists are a natural extension of our brand’s creative lifeblood, and vital components of our beating heart. Consisting of women from all walks of life who share a high regard for individual expression, our stylists are committed to championing and nurturing the creative freedom in each and every one of our customers.

The clothing is merely the vehicle.

The magical thread of connection woven into each of Magnolia Pearl’s garments is intended to inspire and uplift not only the wearer, but also the wider world. Among our stylists’ greatest joys is in seeing how each piece is woven organically into your own story. These talented personal shoppers each share the whimsical but razor-sharp artist’s eye of Magnolia Pearl’s chief storyteller and designer, Robin Brown, and are in close personal contact with her.

The bond between stylist and customer is intended to establish true collaboration and community, in a bespoke experience tailored to your particular comfort level of interaction. Always approachable, responsive and respectful, our stylists aim to encourage and empower each customer.

We are proud of our team of stylists, and endlessly impressed and inspired by the myriad ways our customers have communicated their own spin on Magnolia Pearl’s products and principles. We simply can’t wait to join you in your journey!


Interested in trying a few pieces? Just ask your stylist about our ‘Collection Boxes’!

One of the many benefits of a relationship with a Magnolia Pearl stylist is the opportunity to preview a collection of our pieces from the comfort of your own home. These selections will be hand-picked for you and are available at the frequency and quantity of your choosing. Magnolia Pearl stylists are happy to virtually join you as you comb through your options and will be on-hand for any questions or comments you may have.

Further details on this service are available in our FAQ section.