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Placed in a location but existing outside of time: a lighthouse, a spaceship, a building that sings. Magnolia Pearl’s flagship store is a beacon for the creative spirit, a manifestation of what might appear if you just believe.

In many ways, our showroom wears the character of the clothing it shelters as well as the spirit of Magnolia Pearl’s founder, Robin Brown. Through spans of homelessness in her youth, Brown often stowed away upon the grounds of public parks and art museums, dreaming to the stars of a property that mirrors Magnolia Pearl’s homestead down to the most minute fixture. It is a structure that applies and elevates the materials at hand: nature’s blessings of the Texas Hill Country, pre-loved appurtenances, worn but sturdy supports.

Drawing the awe of not only Magnolia Pearl admirers but architecture and design aficionados, our storefront is a multi-storied monument modeled after the original grain barns of the surrounding areas. Just outside the quaint German town of Fredericksburg, Texas, the building features museum-quality decor and time-honored construction. Beams hand-hewn by farmers and Amish craftspeople over a century ago support a frame of reclaimed wood sourced from all over the country. Our hand-crank 19th-century platform elevator is functional and oft-operated, and from each window one might spy such marvels as antique circus carriages, vintage school bus art installations and repurposed silos.

It is a space that invites you to orient yourself in a story that is ever-unfolding. It is a place for gathering and mending, addressing and redressing.

We invite you to find yourself here, transported back to what you dreamt of yourself as a child, looking up at the stars. We can’t wait to welcome you.

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